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Elisabeth B. Hunt is an active community member who provides outstanding influence and contributions to HDIConnect. As thanks, we're featuring her in the HDI Member Spotlight. She started with a degree in biology and later transitioned to Species 360, an international non-profit organization that maintains an online database of wild animals under human care as the Director of Member Support and Training. Click here to learn more about Elisabeth.

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    We require our techs to wear a mask any time they are not at their desks. Our desks are more than 6ft. apart with 6' walls between them.  HOWEVER, we are currently having out techs who answer the phone...
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    ...to take our crisis survey!  What does the survey cover? COVID-19 threw employees, customers/consumers, and entire industries into disarray, testing organizations' crisis response readiness. In this...
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    We have short(er) walls between our techs, so they installed plexiglass on top of the walls so it's a good 6'+ tall now between the techs.  We are required to wear masks when in the building, but can...